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Offshoring : Ditch the Dichotomy

New Zealand accountants are slowing but surely beginning to see the benefits of integrating a remote team into their firms. Many have experienced the benefits of outsourcing for a number of years with the proven Connect process.

We talk to many Accountants in practice and most see the benefits of outsourcing but are just too busy to get it underway.

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical situation. You catch up with a client who says they are so busy their life balance is well, let’s say unbalanced, staff are stressed, capacity within the workplace is full and no growth is occurring because no one can keep up with what is coming in. As their accountant you would get alongside the clients and challenge the owner and consider the risk factors of employing new staff or contractors or other business models. You would consider whether the growth is likely to continue to support an extra resources. Also the risks of employees versus contractors, space requirements, training etc. would all be considered.

This situation reminds me of the dichotomy of the accountant and his own business. Too busy to make major changes to their business but giving advice to clients on how to improve their business.

Maybe it’s time to ditch the dichotomy and make changes to your practice.

The strangest thing about being too busy is that it’s so easy to actually outsource. With Connect having so much experience in NZ taxation and accounting systems there’s no training involved. I would say that if a director was prepared to give 2 hours of their time the work would be flowing and then a senior accountant would need to give around 4 hours to fine-tune the process and the work would be coming out as fast as you can load up the jobs.

So are you too busy to spare 6 hours in your business to free up your time for as long as you need to?


  • Ledger and fixed asset conversions to Xero
  • Annual financial reports
  • Tax returns
  • Work papers
  • GST returns
  • Business benchmarking


Now you can outsource the tedious task of converting data from MYOB and other accounting applications to Xero.

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